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kitchen cabinet height In other words, hang top cabinets 18 inches over the top of the counter top. You may use the cover of the countertop, if you installed on your base cabinets and countertop prior before. The elevation between the surface of the countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinet needs to be 18 inches, the elevation of a standard back splash.

The ideal height in which to put in upper cabinets is dependent on a variety of factors–that the elevation of base cabinets, for starters, in addition to countertop thickness, back splash height, and whether there’s an array to consider. And how you measure this elevation will vary based on whether you are installing the cabinets before or after the installation of the cabinets and countertop.

The upper cabinet height that is ideal can make it possible for a relative of ordinary height to reach those shelves without straining both the arms or back and sometimes even climbing onto a stepstool. Continue reading to figure out how high up the wall to mount cabinets in the kitchen, laundry room, or basement bar–and the strategies to do like a pro.

Element in the height of ceilings and trimming when determining cabinet size and standing. Cabinets are sold in standard heights of 36, 30, or 42 inches. Having an upper cabinet mounting height of 54 inches, then the top of the top cabinets would sit 84 or 90 inches away from the bottom for its shortest of cabinets that are standard.

Even a 42-inch cabinet would reach top of an 8-foot (96-inch) ceiling or may not fit at all when you yourself have soffits, crown molding, or other ceiling trimming installed. To avoid cramping your countertop workspace unnecessarily and having to recalculate the upper cabinet height, think about adjusting the size of cabinets.

Lower the height to 48 inches from the ground to accommodate people with limited freedom. If anybody in your household uses a wheelchair or has a physical illness that prevents them from reaching cabinets at the recommended height, then correct the upper cabinet mounting height so that the underside of the cabinets sits 48 inches away from the floor or 14 inches from the top of the countertop for kitchen cabinet height.

These figures factor in a base cabinet height of 3 2 -1/2 inches, and a inch -1/2-inch-thick counter top, and also a back splash. This upper cabinet height benefits adults and children of height who might not otherwise be able to reach upper cabinets at the 54-inch mounting height.

42-inch cabinets are far preferable in rooms together with 9-foot ceilings with no trimming or trim up to 1-2 inches in height. Factoring in these types of clearances (and, again, the normal base cabinet elevation and countertop thickness of 3 4 -1/2 inches and inch -1/2 inches, respectively). The bottom of top cabinets should sit 66 inches from the ground if you’ve got an electric range or 72 inches from the ground for those who have a gas range–no matter of whether you own a range hood installed.

36-inch closets are recommended for rooms with 8-foot ceilings with no trim or trimming around 6 inches in height, and Locating the Right Upper Cabinet Height 30-inches involving an electrical range and also the base of top cabinets 30-inch cabinets are often recommended for rooms with 8-foot ceilings using either no trim or trim up to 12 inches High, In other words, the edge of the top cabinets should sit 54 inches off the bottom.

This magic number joins the 3-4 -1/2-inch elevation of a normal base kitchen cabinet height (those that take a seat on the ground), a standard countertop above it with a thickness of just one -1/2 inches, and also a conventional 18 Inch back-splash (or, in lieu of a backsplash, empty surfaces ) between the surface of the base cabinet countertop and the bottom of the top cabinet.

If backsplash/wall thickness elevation, countertop depth, or your cabinet height will fluctuate from the heights above. you will have to adjust the upper cabinet mounting elevation so it reflects the total amount of these three peaks.

Assessing the top cabinet height from the floor is recommended when the bottom cabinet and its own particular countertop have not been installed yet as you wish to install them after the top cabinets or as you can’t ever intend to install pedestal cabinets from the room (e.g. at a laundry room which doesn’t need them) need kitchen cabinet height

Boost the height to 66 or 72 inches out of the ground for cabinets above a range. Since most cabinets are muddy, there ought to be adequate clearance between the scope to lessen the probability of fire and also the bottom of the kitchen cabinet height.

That Specific distance Depends upon the type of Appliance:
We are remodeling our kitchen and will need to install upper cabinets which can be not enough to reach the cabinets but large enough in order that the counter-top does not feel bloated. What’s the upper cupboard elevation? And from where can I quantify it?

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